Drinking Rum with SKYDAS

By Deathspear



The following is an interview conducted by Pat Mustard with Kazimieras Valinčius. Kazmirieras is one of the founders of the Lithuanian Nationalist youth group SKYDAS.

What were the motivations behind the formation of SKYDAS and what are its political objectives?

As of 2011 nationalist organizations have been going downhill in Lithuania or in the very least stagnating. Loss of members, less attention, unproductivity, abandonment of original ideals, outdated methods, reaction, marginalization and poor leadership, these are all synonyms in regards to the previous Lithuanian nationalist scene. This inevitably caused the youth to be disappointed with the ideas themselves as it seemed the cause is hopeless because of the current situation. This is basically why every legal-front nationalist organization is doomed to be controlled opposition, betraying themselves. This group of friends that make up SKYDAS recognized this and realized that there must be a strong, revolutionary, anti-bourgeois alternative. Given the current circumstances, it‘s objectives are more educational; to basically expand the Overton window; get the youth involved with nationalism and fascism, and spreading the ideas through any means possible whether they be legal or illegal.

SKYDAS has been praised for their Aesthetics, and at a recent rally, you marched with a banner bearing the image of our lord and saviour Pepe, attracting the attention of the earnest Jewish Telegraph Agency. What advice would you give to people interested in creating effective propaganda?

Triggering the Jews has become almost a tradition in our marches and we were assured Pepe would catch the attention of Schlomo. Pepe was one way of not restricting ourselves and targeting our fellow youth as a youth organization. As a great man once implied, there must be a variety of ways how you want to get the information across. Depending on the people you’re targeting, choose your methods accordingly. If you plan to target the great lot of people you shouldn’t burden them with too much intellectualism, propaganda is about reaching people’s emotions after all. Effective propaganda is about being precise and hard hitting, but it all depends on what form of media you’re using. A strong slogan, the message, contrast of colours, symmetry, great angles, dominant figure in the center, certain references (again, whether you choose to target the intellectuals or the mass of people, this is where you apply your ‘marketing skills’, deciding which reference to use for which group of people) and style are just some of the things that makes up quality propaganda. Some things outweigh others, it’s better to have poor quality visualization than a lousy message. Visualization should never be looked over even if you have a strong message, this is where SKYDAS shines the brightest. Skydas prides itself in its use of aesthetics in their visual arts. Even the most basic skills in creating pictures or videos with a pinch of effort goes a very long way.
For example, we had a sticker design that had the whole vaporwave style to it and to our surprise a mass of teenagers kept uploading pictures of the sticker on Instagram praising its design, but not really regarding the message. A catchy visual will always guarantee a wider audience; it’s basically advertisement! Every picture counts so better not risk potential recruits.

We will not stop

How successful have you been to date in attracting young people to your cause, and what are your hopes for the future of your movement?

One thing is to be understood –SKYDAS is an autonomous movement without official membership. If you are in line with our ideas and you’re from around here then you’re part of the family.
SKYDAS is attracting the youth because it’s done by the youth. We’re doing excellent. I cannot give away an exact number, but our ranks have more than doubled. It’s only impressive because we’re from a small country where surveillance and especially apathy are surprisingly high. Just like the tendencies in the rest of Europe, where the youth are getting more and more radicalized and nationalistic, it’s a similar case here.

SKYDAS has caught the attention of the authorities and they have started clamping down. What methods have they used to stifle resistance among activists?

They have used almost every trick in the book. There were often cases of the authorities listening in on our conversations and suspicious vehicles following some of the members. There were even instances of the national security services picking up our comrades off the streets to question them. Even today we still find these sneaky undercover men ease-dropping in on our phone calls. This is an elaborate plan to cause paranoia in people who want to be active nationalists. The occasion that we were so bombarded with authority attention was dropping a “9th of May” banner that had a swastika on it, this was only a pretext to crack down on us, with the help of political opponent snitching. So because of the occasion, they got an order to seize any memory storage of some of the members, which they abused by taking more than they were supposed to. From laptops and hard drives to trousers and university notepads. This was followed by interrogations where the interrogators directly or indirectly were threatening with violence, blackmail, and imprisonment for not wanting to give away information. We ended up in court defending our positions only to be ignored and given fines. The whole thing ended with a laptop and some paint cans getting confiscated alongside fines. All of this could have been avoided if certain precautions were taken, but we have learned from our mistakes and we can safely pass this information down to others, as a survival guide in this soon to become Orwellian world. The main aim of the crackdown by the state is to scare off anyone interested in activism.

The rise of White/ethnic nationalism in Europe, America, and Australia has occurred in the context of Mass migration from the third world into historically white nation-states. Lithuania and other Eastern European states have not been subjected to the population replacement project to the extent that others have. Is there a passion amongst the Lithuanian population for a “refugee” policy and immigration from the global south?

They have been subjected to it in a way, but we have lots of stories of these migrants simply using these countries as a pit-stop. Not so long ago we had an occurrence where the economic migrants simply rented a bus and travelled out of the country because it wasn’t economically pleasing enough for them. Lithuanian and other nearby eastern bloc nations are less tolerant towards these floods of migrants probably because they know what it’s like being overrun by another nation and oppressive regime. Just like Jonathan Bowden once said, Eastern Europe has been preserved by the Soviet Union from the degeneracy of the West, but what he failed to mention was that the Soviet Union came with its own degeneracy and hellish forms. Lithuania has one refugee center located almost in the middle of the country. Believe it or not, the center is basically a camp with barbed wire fences and thick walls. The only good thing about our current president is that she’s not letting the same decay of the West erode our nation as fast as it could be. There have been great amounts of effort by the extreme left to create projects of getting people to house refugees in their own homes. Some going to an extent of putting up posters saying “burn the refugee camps, deport the government, refugees welcome”. So yes, I’d say there has been a passion among certain groups to actively support these policies.

In much of the West, institutions like academia and the media are vehemently anti-white and operate as the establishment’s mouthpiece. Tell us about the state of these institutions in Lithuania and is there any support to be found for purely Nationalistic ideas?

Academia here is subject to the same problems as in the west. Students who study things like programming or engineering have to go through “Artes liberales” where they are exposed to left-leaning lecturers. Of course, this is not the case with all of the professors, but most of them always make sure to get their agendas into the minds of the youth. Thankfully it hasn’t gotten to the point where you get thrown out of university for speaking your mind and sometimes you’ll even get the professor to admit that the West sacrifices safety in the name of equality, but the slippery slope is not to be toyed with. A few months back Soros had revived the “The Open Society Fund – Lithuania (OSFL)”, which is mostly used to create an “open society” by local intellectuals.
As for the media, democracy and egalitarianism are ultimately prone to lobbyism and dishonesty. Lithuania is no exception. The articles are often simply bought and the authors misinterpret facts on purpose. It’s a challenge trying to maintain a straight face watching the broadcast news. For instance, during the Trump campaign, the news channels focused on rumours about Trump’s past and displayed ‘funny’ YouTube remixes of Trump’s speeches, instead of trying to be as objective as possible. The two annual nationalist marches are always a treat to the lugenpresse which just loves to use buzzwords to discredit any form of non-patriotism to the current regime.
There are always places where people write nationalistic articles, but our law forbids any kind of propagation of national-socialist ideas or use of its symbols so you can face up to years in prison or fines for any kind of hate speech or praise of national-socialism. There are of course social media places where people simply use precautions to not be traced, such as SKYDAS, who do not wish to give up any of their ideas just to stay in the rims of legality. We will not play by the rules of the system to become the controlled opposition.

What are your feelings towards the European Union, Brexit and do you favour any form of European common policy?

The European Union is not what it was upon its creation, it has morphed and shape-shifted throughout the years. We despise the European Union in its current form or any form that would bring harm to the European folk, their blood, uniqueness, well-being, and spirituality. It’s an entity that has power over my country and forces its policies upon it. Brexit among other things is a sign of the system collapsing. We believe the Europe of the future should be made up of sovereign, unique and autarchic nations, but we realize that these European nations will not be able to survive by themselves when the surrounding regions haven’t pursued the same fate. A military and an economic union will be necessary when we pass the tipping point when Europe is ruled by National Socialists and Identitarians and we’ll be put in a position where we will have to compete with other regions for a place under the sun.

As for economic common policy, some nations are simply not capable to live off of their own natural resources, thus these countries would have to have import and export as part of their economic plans. Fascism is known to be adaptive to its circumstances and the nation it is being used by. But one thing is clear – that any nation should always base their economic policies on autarchy as much as it can. We support the idea of no-more-brother–wars, which is self-explanatory why we would be in favour of a military union among European nations. Just as stated before, we would have to fend off the advances of other regions and so a military alliance among European states would be necessary.

Like all other White nations, the population of Lithuania is ageing and declining in overall numbers. The collapse of marriage and the Nuclear family is largely, but not solely to blame. How do these institutions fare in Lithuania today?

Lithuanians still hold a pretty traditional view of the family today. In the past families would have lots of children not out of tradition, but because more children meant more hands on the plough. People here can’t afford to raise more than two children and those who can afford simply do not wish to do so, as they don’t want to sacrifice their leisure and money out of hedonism. Of course, marriage was always a thing and is still to this day. Yet the main problem with the Lithuanian population is emigration rather than simple European tier birth rates. During the last 13 years, our country has lost more than 500,000 people, which is about more than 16 percent of the country’s population. Mostly economic factors determined these numbers, low pensions, poor wages, huge taxes etc. But in my opinion, a lot more influenced this outcome; our fathers having to grow up in the Soviet Union would fall for the tendency to fetishize everything that’s from the west.

What’s opposite of the Soviet Union? The West!

What’s opposite of a corrupt totalitarian socialist? A jean jacket hippy, of course!

And so the boomer generation thrust most fads that came from the West onto their own children. After gaining independence there was a glimmer of hope in everyone‘s eye that now things will be different and we‘ll catch up to the West. But children growing up see the differences between the ever-so-close to one another countries of the West and countries of the East, they grow up seeing these rich westerners on social media and they know they will probably never have anything like it living here.
The only good thing about this emigration is that ethnic minorities are the majority of emigrants, because they don‘t have as many attachments here as an average Lithuanian would have.

Lithuania was the last European nation to officially convert to Christianity. Today there is a growing Pagan movement. How susceptible are they to our ideas and are Pagans well represented among SKYDAS and other Nationalist groups?

Yes, you cannot consider Lithuanian identity and paganism separate. The Lithuanian state was formed as a reaction to the invading Christian orders that were fuelled by the rest of Christian Europe. Throughout our history, one thing never changed and that is resistance. Through this resistance to Christianity, we managed to defeat the Crusaders, become the biggest country in Europe and also the strongest pagan state in Europe, this lasted until the early 15th century when the baptism of ethnic Lithuanian lands was complete. Yet the use of paganism only fell out of use in the 19th century and was quickly later revived during the interwar when the fascist coup d’état happened and nationalists took interest in reviving it. So even today do people pride themselves in the fact that we were the last to give into the Christian invasion. The same type of resistance can be observed when Lithuania was occupied by the Soviet Union which resulted in one of the biggest partisan resistances known to Europe. So relating to the question pagans here are naturally ethnic nationalists as paganism is seen as more native than Christianity. The group of people that founded SKYDAS are all pagan, and now that SKYDAS is a larger group we have also active Christian nationalists. We try to discuss these things among ourselves given the opportunity, but we do not see a reason to discriminate on the basis if someone is a Christian or a pagan, we have a common struggle and common enemies.

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Įkūrimas ir Futurizmo Manifestas


Mes nemiegojome visą naktį, mano draugai ir aš, sėdėdami po mečečių lempomis, su žalvariniais filigrano kupolais, kupolais nusėtais žvaigždėmis kaip ir mūsų dvasios, šviečiančiais, kaip ir jos, įkalintu elektrinių širdžių spinduliavimu. Valandų valandas mes mindėme savo atavistišką ennui ant brangių persiškų kilimų, besiginčydami pasiekdami tolimiausias logikos ribas ir išrašydami daug pluoštų popieriaus savo įdūkusiomis keverzonėmis.

Neaprėpiamas pasididžiavimas sukilo mūsų krūtinėse, nes mes tą valandą jautėmės vieniši, budrūs, stovėdami ant savo kojų kaip išdidūs švyturiai ar priešakiniai žvalgai prieš nedraugiškų žvaigždžių kariuomenę, bežvelgiančią į mus iš savo aukštų dangiškų stovyklų. Vieniši su kūrikais, kūrenančiais pragariškas milžiniškų laivų ugnis, vieniši su juodomis šmėklomis, kurios graibo beprotišku greičiu dumiančių lokomotyvų pilvus, įkaitusius iki raudonumo, vieniši su girtuokliais, šlitinėjančiais kaip sužeisti paukščiai palei miesto sienas.

Staiga mes pašokome, išgirdę galingą dviaukščių tramvajų triukšmą kai jie pradundėjo pro šalį, žėrintys spalvotomis šviesomis, kaip beatostogaują kaimai staiga užlieti tvinstančių Po vandenų ir nunešti per krioklius ir tarpeklius į jūrą.

Tuomet įsiviešpatavo tyla. Bet mums besiklausant senojo kanalo murmamų bejėgiškų maldų ir traškančių sergančių rūmų kaulų, stūksančių virš jų drėgnų žalių ūsų, po langais staiga išgirdome alkaną automobilių riaumojimą.

„Eime!” Tariau. „Draugai, tolyn! Eime! Mitologija ir Mistiškasis Idealas pagaliau nugalėti. Mes tuojau išvysime Kentauro gimimą, o netrukus po to, pirmąjį Angelų skrydį!.. Mes turime sudrebinti gyvenimo vartus, patikrinti sklendžių ir vyrių stiprumą. Eime! Štai ten, virš žemės, pati pirmoji aušra! Niekas neprilygsta raudonojo Saulės kalavijo puikybei, pirmą kartą kertančio per mūsų tūkstantmetę niūrumą!“

Mes pakilome iki trijų šnirpščiančių žvėrių norėdami priglausti savo mylinčias rankas prie jų kaitrių krūtinių. Aš išsitiesiau savo mašinoje kaip negyvėlis karste, bet atgijau po vairu, lyg giljotinos ašmenimis grasinančiu mano pilvui.

"Le forze della curva" Tullio Crali

„Le forze della curva“ Tullio Crali

Siautėjanti beprotybės šluota mus nušlavė nuo mūsų pačių ir varė mus per gatves taip šiurkščiai ir giliai kaip, kad povandeninės srovės tik geba. Šen bei ten ligota gatvių žibintų šviesa prasiskverbusi pro langus mokė mus nepasitikėti apgaulinga mūsų gęstančių akių matematika.

Aš sušukau, „Vien kvapo užtenka mūsų žvėrims.“

Ir kaip jauni liūtai mes bėgome paskui Mirtį, jos tamsus kailis regėjosi nusėtas baltais kryžiais kai ji spruko violetiniu sūkuriuojančiu dangumi.

Bet nei tobula Meilužė nepakilo savo dieviška figūra į debesis, nei žiauri Karalienė kuriai galima paaukoti savo kūnus, susiraičiusius kaip bizantiški žiedai! Nebuvo nieko, kas mus verstų trokšti mirties, nebent noras pagaliau išsilaisvinti nuo savo drąsos svorio!

Ir taip mes lėkėme, blokšdami kiemsargius šunis į namų slenksčius, suraitydami juos po savo degančiomis padangomis kaip apykakles po lygintuvu. Mirtis, prijaukinta, mane pasitiko ties kiekvienu posūkiu, grakščiai ištiesusi leteną, kartkartėmis atsitūpusi, nužvelgdama mane aksominėmis glostančiomis akimis iš kiekvienos balos.

„Ištrūkime iš šito baisaus išminties narvo ir nerkime, kaip išdidžiai prinokę vaisiai, į plačiai perkreiptą vėjo burną! Visiškai atsiduokime Nežinomybei, ne iš nevilties, bet tam kad vėl pripildytume giliuosius Absurdo šulinius!”

Žodžiai retai biro iš mano lūpų kai aš dūmiau savo mašina kaip pakvaišęs šuo bandantis įkąsti sau į uodegą, bet štai ten staiga atsirado du dviratininkai lekiantys tiesiai į mane, purtydami savo kumščius, drebėdami kaip du vienodai įtikinantys bet vis dėlto sau prieštaraujantys argumentai. Jų kvaila dilema pastojo man kelią – Po velnių! Oi!… Aš sustojau jų nepasiekęs ir savo pasibjaurėjimui nusiritau į griovį ratais į viršų…

O motiniškas griovy, beveik sklidinai pilnas purvino vandens! Šviesusis gamyklos nuotėkų vamzdi! Aš prisirijau tavo skalsiojo dumblo kuris man priminė tas palaimingąsias mano sudanietės slaugės krūtis!

Kai pakilau, visas purvinas, suplėšytas ir smirdantis, iš po apverstos mašinos, pajutau baltą nuo karščio geležį skaniai perveriančią mano širdį!

Žvejų minia su meškerėmis ir podagra sergantys gamtininkai jau knibždėjo aplink.  Su kantriu, meiliu rūpesčiu šie žmonės surinko kraną ir su kabliais išžvejojo mano mašiną, kaip didelį ant kranto išmestą ryklį. Lėtai ji pakilo, dugne palikdama, kaip žvynus, sunkų sveiko proto kūną ir jo minkštą komforto apmušalą.

Jie manė kad jis jau nebegyvas, mano gražusis ryklys, bet mano glamonių pakako jam atgaivinti, ir štai jis vėl gyvas, veržiasi pirmyn savo galingais pelekais.

Taigi, veidai ištepti gamyklos purvu – padengti metalo atliekom, išpilti negyvo prakaito, su dangiškais suodžiais – mes, nubrozdinti, rankos parištos, bet neišsigandę, paskelbėme savo aukštus ketinimus visiems gyviesiems žemėje:

  1. Mes ketiname apdainuoti pavojaus meilę, energijos ir bebaimiškumo įprotį.
  2. Drąsa, įžūlumas ir maištas bus esminiai mūsų poezijos elementai.
  3. Iki šiol literatūra liaupsino svajingą nepaslankumą, ekstazę ir miegą. Mes ketiname išaukštinti agresyvų veiksmą, karštligišką nemigą, lenktyniautojo žingsnį, mirtiną šuolį, smūgį ir pliaukštelėjimą.
  4. Mes tvirtiname kad pasaulio puikybė buvo praturtinta nauju grožiu: greičio grožiu. Lenktyninė mašina kurios gaubtas yra išpuoštas didžiausiais vamzdžiais, kaip sprogstančių atodūsių gyvatės – riaumojanti mašina keliaujanti ant patrankos sviedinio skeveldrų yra gražesnė nei Samotrakės Nikė.
  5. Mes norime apdainuoti vyrą prie vairo, kuris sviedžia savo dvasios ietį per visą Žemę, per jos orbitos apskritimą.
  6. Poetas turi save eikvoti su azartu, grožiu ir dosnumu kad išaugintų pirmykščių elementų įkarštį.
  7. Išskyrus kovą, nieks nebėra gražu. Joks darbas be agresijos pobūdžio negali būti šedevru. Poezija turi būti sumanoma kaip aršus puolimas prieš nežinomas jėgas, iškviečiant jas gulti prieš žmogų.
  8. Mes stovime ant paskutinio amžių kyšulio!.. Kodėl turėtume gręžiotis atgal kai tai, ką norime sugriauti, yra paslaptingi Neįmanomybės vartai? Laikas ir Erdvė mirė vakar. Mes jau gyvename besąlygiškume, nes mes sukūrėme amžiną, visagalį greitį.
  9. Mes šlovinsime karą – vienintelę pasaulio higieną – militarizmą, patriotizmą, griaunantį laisvės nešėjų mostą, gražiausias idėjas dėl kurių verta žūti, ir panieką moterims.
  10. Mes sugriausime muziejus, bibliotekas, visų rūšių akademijas, kausimės prieš moralizmą, feminizmą, kiekvieną oportunistišką ir utilitaristišką bailybę.
  11. Mes dainuosime milžiniškoms minioms, susijaudinusioms nuo darbo, nuo palaimos ar nuo maišto; mes apdainuosime spalvingas polifoniškas revoliucijų moderniose sostinėse bangas, mes dainuosime apie ryškią naktinę degančių arsenalų ir laivų statyklų aistrą, liepsnojančią žiauriais elektriniais mėnuliais; gobšias geležinkelių stotis ryjančias dūmus spjaudančias gyvates; gamyklas kabančias nuo debesų ant jų kreivų dūmų stulpų; tiltus žengiančius per upes kaip milžinus gimnastus, žaižaruojančius Saulėje kaip peilių blizgesys; drąsius garlaivius kurie uosto horizontą; lokomotyvus plačiomis krūtinėmis kurių ratai drasko bėgius kaip milžiniškų plieninių žirgų, pažabotų vamzdžiais, kanopos; ir elegantiškus lėktuvų, kurių propeleriai čiauška vėjyje kaip vėliavos ir džiūgauja kaip entuziastinga minia, skrydžius.

Italija yra iš kur mes per pasaulį paleidžiame šį smarkų, trikdantį, uždegantį manifestą. Juo šiandien mes pradedame F U T U R I Z M Ą, nes norime išvaduoti mūsų žemę nuo ją susargdinusios smirdančios profesorių, archeologų ir gidų gangrenos.

Per ilgai Italija buvo dėvėtų drabužių perpardavinėtoja. Mes siekiame išvaduoti ją nuo nesuskaičiuojamų muziejų, kurie ją dengia kaip kapinės.

Muziejai: kapinės!.. Identiški savo grėsmingu daugelio vienas kito nepažįstančių kūnų palaidumu. Muziejai: bendrabučiai, kuriuose gali amžinai miegoti šalia nekenčiamų ar nepažįstamų būtybių.  Muziejai: absurdiškos dailininkų ir skulptorių skerdyklos, kur jie be atvangos vienas kitą skerdžia spalvų ir linijų potepiais vis toje pačioje galerijoje.

Kad kiekvienam pritinka kasmet eiti ten kaip į piligriminę kelionę, lyg per Vėlines į kapines – sutinku. Kad kiekvienas kartą per metus turėtų palikti gėlių prie Džokondos – sutinku… Bet nepripažįstu kad mūsų sielvartas, mūsų trapi narsa, mūsų liguistas nerimas turėtų kas dieną keliauti po muziejus. Kam save nuodyti? Kam pūti?

Ką dar galima pamatyti sename paveiksle, jei ne gėdingus menininko traukulius jam bandant peržengti užtvaras, kurios jį sulaiko nuo tobulos savo svajonių išraiškos?.. Žavėjimasis senu paveikslu yra tas pats kaip savo atjautos išpylimas į laidotuvių urną, vietoj to kad ją sviestum kuo toliau, tūžmingu veiksmo ir kūrybos protrūkyje.

Taigi, ar nori iššvaistyti visas savo galias amžinam ir beprasmiškam praeities garbinimui, iš kurio išnirsi mirtinai išsekęs, susitraukęs, parmuštas?

Tiesą sakant, kasdienis muziejų, bibliotekų ir akademijų (tuščių pastangų kapinių, nukryžiuotų svajonių Kalvarijos, nutrauktų pradžių suvestinių!) lankymas menininkams yra žalingas lyg per ilga tėvų priežiūra skiriama protingam jaunam vyrui, persmelkto savo talento ir ambicijų! Kai ateitis užsklendžiama, gerbtina praeitis gali tapti paguoda gaištantiesiems, segantiems, kalintiems… Bet mes nenorime turėti nieko bendro su šituo – praeitimi – mes, jaunieji ir stiprieji F U T U R I S T A I !

Tegul džiaugsmingieji padegėjai ateina, su apanglėjusiais pirštais! Štai jie! Štai jie!.. Pirmyn! Padekite bibliotekų lentynas! Pasukite kanalus ir užtvindykite muziejus!.. Koks džiaugsmas matyti garbingas senas drobes plūduriuojančias tuose vandenyse, išblukusias ir suplėšytas!.. Imkite kirtiklius,  kirvius ir plaktukus ir daužykite, daužykite garbiuosius miestus be gailesčio!

Iš mūsų vyriausiam – trisdešimt: mes turime bent jau dešimtmetį tam, kad pabaigtume savo darbą. Kai mums sueis keturiasdešimt, jaunesni ir stipresni vyrai mus ko gero išmes į šiukšlių dėžę kaip beverčius rankraščius – mes to norime!

Jie stos prieš mus, mūsų įpėdiniai, jie ateis iš toli, iš visur, šokčiodami pagal savo pirmųjų poemų sparnuotą ritmą, treniruodami lenktus grobuoniškus nagus, šuniškai uostydami akademijos duris ir ieškodami to stipraus mūsų yrančių protų kvapo, kuris jau bus pažadėtas literatūros požemiams.

Bet mūsų ten nebus… Galiausiai jie mus suras – vieną žiemos naktį – toli už miesto, po liūdnu, monotoniško vėjo daužomu lyg būgnas stogu. Jie mus nužvelgs tupinčius prie mūsų drebančių lėktuvų, bešildančius rankas prie tos niekingos liepsnelės, kurią mūsų šiandienos knygos tuomet skleis, imdamos karštį iš jų praskrendančių paveikslėlių.

Jie lankstys aplink mus, alsuodami panieka ir kančia, ir visi iki vieno susierzinę nuo mūsų išdidžios narsos, lėks mus nužudyti, varomi neapykantos, kuri bus tuo neapmaldomesnė, kuo jų širdys bus labiau apsvaigusios nuo meilės ir pagarbos mums.

Neteisybė, galinga ir nedaloma, ištrūkusi spinduliuos mūsų akyse.

Menas negali būti niekas kitas kaip tik smurtas, žiaurumas ir neteisybė.

Iš mūsų vyriausiam – dar net nėra trisdešimties: bet mes jau spėjome iššvaistyti didelius turtus, tūkstančius meilės, galios, drąsos, išminties, grynos valios lobių mes su pykčiu, nerūpestingumu, ryžtingumu, be žado nekantriai išmetėme …

Pažvelk į mus! Mes nepraradome žado… Mūsų širdys dar visiškai nepavargo! Juk jas peni ugnis, neapykanta, greitis!.. Tave tai stebina? Tik todėl, kad tu net neprisimeni gyvenęs! – Stovėdami ant pasaulio krašto, mes dar kartą metame savo iššūkį žvaigždėms!

Tavo prieštaravimai? Gana! Gana! Aš juos žinau! Supratau! Pernelyg gerai žinome, kaip mūsų šaunus netikras sumanumas mums sako, kad mes esame savo protėvių atgimimas ir tąsa – Galbūt!.. Kad tik taip ir būtų! – Bet kam tai rūpi? Mes net nenorime suprasti!.. Sielvartas tam, kas šiuos žodžius dar kartą mums ištarti išdrįs!

Pakelkit galvas!

Atsistoję pasaulio viršūnėje, mes dar kartą metame savo iššūkį žvaigždėms!

Šaltinis: http://www.italianfuturism.org/manifestos/foundingmanifesto/


Cover by SKYDAS
Cover by SKYDAS

Up until 2008 there wasn’t a real nationalist scene in Lithuania apart from some small groups, however in 2008 the country experienced a “Big Bang” of radical nationalism. The build up of fascists, skinheads and nationalists erupted and marched through the streets (which later resulted in a lot of targeting by the police). Until 2013 nationalism was on the rise with LTJS (Lithuanian nationalist youth union) at the forefront. After that everything seemed to go downhill, Lithuania turned out to be a small country with high surveillance, vicious liberal media and Israeli funded ‘nazi watch‘. There were of course groups like Blood and Honor Lithuania, which, apparently, did not last long. At present the LTJS is a legal front for nationalism, but according to our comrades it is falling apart, crumbling from the inside, so to speak, due to poor leadership and administration. As it is trying to stay in the shade of legality, it can’t show its true nature and ambitions. Enter SKYDAS.

Featuring Benjamin Raymond of National Action, bottom row, second from the left.
Featuring Benjamin Raymond of National Action, bottom row, second from the left.

Apart from SKYDAS and LTJS there are no other nationalist movements. The need for an all out fascist movement was distinctly felt in many hearts of nationalists, which led to two groups of people separately planning to create a new movement. It just so happened that one member of one group befriended the people from the other group and from that day on the two bands came together as the founding members of what we now know as Skydas. During their first ventures there was no decided name or symbolism, but a common revolutionary fire was blazing in their hearts. National Action played a big role in inspiring Skydas, as well as Generation Identitaire, Nordic Resistance and Casapound. The very idea of Skydas is a manifestation of Gabrielle D‘Annunzio‘s and Yukio Mishima‘s legacy – their ideals, symbolism, artwork can be seen in our works. We took our name after the late author’s Yukio Mishima’s militia Tatenokai (Shield Society). Speaking of inspiration, Skydas passionately acknowledge that throughout history fascism was, is and must be always tied to art, which is also a big part of their activity. The founding members are some anonymous kids, students and graduates stuck in dead end office jobs.

Below is our exclusive interview with SKYDAS. We urge everyone to check out their youtube channel for some epic nazi retrowave stylings.

Did you start out creating Skydas already knowing what you want this group to be or did it experience some changes as it developed?
We knew what our goals were and how we wanted to look like from the very beginning. Keeping the current political and social status quo in Lithuania and Europe as a whole would harm the very idea of Skydas, which is why we wanted to present people with something they have never seen before. That is why we strive to be like a living organism, always growing, not too fanatical or dogmatic. Most changes occur as we study political doctrines, philosophy and history in our circle.
What are the founding principles of Skydas and what is your overall plan of action in Lithuania?
The main goal is to establish a visible counter-culture for the youth. Freeing ourselves from all contemporary sub-cultures and uniting all youth under one idea. The idea of Fascism. For some time to come this means simply informing the youth that alternatives to the current social and political reality exist, providing alternative information sources, a space for people to discuss ideas that are officially taboo. We hope that in doing so we will help to bring up a generation that is much less likely to fall for liberal and leftist brainwashing. For now – the honest support us, the heroic join us.
What kind of activism do you do?
Our activism is mostly info warfare. Teaching kids the basics of politics and philosophy. We hold discussions, write articles, make informative videos. Currently stickering is getting us a lot of attention too. We did have some demonstrations with provocative banners, but since we hope to keep Skydas a semi-secret organisation, demos will not be a very important in our course of action. It‘s always a good idea to demonstrate what kind of activities we do, that is why we take videomaking and quality of our content very seriously. Another very important part of activism is creating humour. Internet memes are not for killing time, they are a new form of informative medium that we hope to use to its full extent.
You’ve taken up a very particular style, could you tell us about its role?
At the current state of affairs, our style is the backbone of what we are. Someone on the internet called us post-ironic meta-neo-fascists, and that sounds pretty great and goes according to our plan, to be exact – to provoke and create confusion to attract people that never had anything to do with subcultures like skinheads or metalheads, people that used to think nationalism/fascism/national-socialism is an excuse for degenerate people to gather and do degenerate things. We believe that it is a duty of every nationalist around the world to do what they can to change the image of nationalism. Now instead of associating nationalism with alcohol and beating people up the youth are bound to associate it with internet memes and aesthetic imagery.
It's called A E S T H E T I C S
It’s called A E S T H E T I C S
Does Skydas appear to be something novel on the Lithuanian nationalist scene? What was the reaction of the public so far to your appearance? What about the other nationalist groups and the police/government?
Yes. We came in like a storm to the Lithuanian nationalist scene. The nationalist and right wing groups were shocked. Getting such a reaction only proved that we are on the right path. At the moment the public barely knows about our existence, because we didn‘t receive substantial media coverage and for the time being this might be an issue. On the other hand we are always monitored by commie bastards, vatniks as they are known in this part of Europe. They already accused us of being a CIA financed lithuanian version of Maidan, counter-intelligence honeypot and so on. Speaking about other nationalist groups – we are doing everything to avoid conflicts and do not wish to be seen as competition.
How big is Skydas at the moment? Do you have multiple chapters across Lithuania or are you localized?
We have people all across Lithuania and with every video released we get new recruits asking to join our ranks. Membership is a few dozen at the moment.
Benjamin Raymond of National Action has actually met up with your group, how did that go?
Benjamin Raymond was the one who inspired us to create SKYDAS in the first place. Some founding members already know him for over two years, having met him on imageboard circles. The meeting here in Lithuania went great, with support from National Action we knew that we will do our part in contributing to the Fascist Spring that is going to start blooming across Lithuania and Europe very soon.
What is the relationship between NA and Skydas?
Relations between NA and Skydas are mutually inspirational, we are giving each other ideas for activism and visual imagery. We are constantly receiving tips for strategies of development, as NA is older and has much more experience. We try to keep close contact with our brothers in arms.
What kind of news can we expect Skydas to become associated with once you break the media barrier?
I think that once we break the media barrier, we will become the main boogeyman. But given some time, we just might succeed in changing the perspective of how the young people see Fascism and it will be a major victory for us all. Of course that would mean facing our enemies in a full-scale media war, but that is why we are starting small, to be prepared for fights to come.
Many people find it hard to actually start up an actual group and get going. Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers and fascists worldwide that could prove useful?
Revolution begins inside an individual‘s mind. Starting activism all alone requires courage, but our generation has an unique ability to organize online. We advise the readers to do just that. From imageboards to online games, one might find restless kids wishing to do something about the awful social reality anywhere. A Facebook meme page or a Youtube parody channel might prove to be the foundation of a successful organisation. One only has to learn to trust people, forgive their mistakes and act as a team. And never lose hope!Der Sieg Wird Unser Sein!” (Victory will be ours!)

Interviu Atavistic Intelligentsia portalui apie Skydo estetika



Check out this video.

Glorious. I especially love the filter that they used. It screams #FutureFash and because of one thing above all else:


The symbology, the suggestive voice-over and the that sweet vaporwave Dust theme playing through the video captures the Aryan soul’s Faustian longing for infinite space…

I reached out to Skydas to pick their mind, and they agreed to answer some questions. Enjoy:

Your video shows you tagging, why did you decide to start doing street art?

You can’t ignore something you see everyday on your way to work or school. Whenever you see something symbolic written on a wall, you can’t help but to give it a thought or two, it enters and stays in your sub-conscious for some time. So that’s what we’re going for, to spread whatever message we have to spread, to make people think or move them emotionally.

It’s also great fun, who wouldn’t like roaming the streets with a buddy at night, drawing on walls? Of course there’s also the factor of advertising our group, reaching people through their emotions. Let’s not forget that doing street art is great footage to use, as you can see it’s our most popular video yet. We also take in to account the property that we draw on, we avoid doing any street art on buildings or sights of cultural importance or great value.

What does your symbol symbolize?

It’s a stylized version of one of our national symbols – the columns of Gediminas (Gediminaičių stulpai). I think it accurately represents one of the core beliefs of fascism and our group – The modernization of the old so that it would live on in times of globalization.

There is no certain belief what the symbol itself means, it might be an old depiction of a sacred altar, or a balto-slavic symbol used for trade.

It was used by one of our ruling dynasties, originally as a personal insignia of Gediminas.

What do you mean by A E S T H E T I C S?

Aesthetics are very important to every movement, we’re about quality, not quantity, thus we must present ourselves like decent people. We reject delving in to sub-culture and isolating ourselves from society.

Mind giving me a quick summary about what message you’re trying to get across?

We’re a youth group of fascists and national-socialists, we mustn’t talk about long term goals as it’s pointless in our current situation. So what we’re currently trying to do is bring up a new generation through attracting the youth and educating them, providing them with the redpill.

What do you think the future of Europe holds?

We can not be sure what the future holds, yet the direction Europe is going is evidently self-destructive. Immigrants and simple minded people are not the enemy, they are merely a tool, our true enemy are the white traitors who are responsible for the problems Europe faces today.

Do you see a reawakening in Europe coming soon or are things going to get much worse?

Things are gonna get worse as much as they need to, the system cannot sustain itself at this rate, the European people are gonna snap eventually. It has gotten so bad, that even science is censored and is considered taboo. You can judge yourself what fate Europe awaits. Matters usually get the worst right before the breaking point and they are getting worse and worse quite fast these days.

Aesthetics of the Resurgent Right is a really good topic, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

It’s part of modernizing the old, so that it would be effective in fighting globalism, this includes most aspects of culture, including contemporary fads. Let’s face it, you can’t take someone seriously who has oily long hair, lots of piercings on their face, and just looks very abnormal in general. We are not aiming to attract such people, rather we’re aiming to attract more modern people who do not isolate themselves from society.

Thanks for the interview, Skydas. I abused that replay button. Keep up the good work.


Šaltinis: http://atavisticintelligentsia.us/skydas-interview/

Kas mes?

Susipažink – mes esame jaunosios kartos kontrkultūra. Kartos, kuri augo maitinama sapnais ir pažadais. O žadėjo mums mūsų tėvai laisvą ir teisingą Lietuvą, nes jie laimėjo savo jaunystės kovą prieš sovietinę sistemą ir išsivadavo. Bet mūsų tėvų kova buvo paremta pacifizmu, naiviu idealizmu, abstrakčiais laisvės ir lygybės idealais, krikščionišku nuolankumu, neartikuliuotomis žaliosiomis idėjomis. Joje nebuvo tikros politinės doktrinos. Jie norėjo sugriauti sovietinę sistemą, dar neturėdami ką statyti į jos vietą. Pasekmės skaudžios – galios vakuumą užpildė chaosas, o iš chaoso išaugo pačios blogiausios žmonių ydos – tingumas, pavydas ir godumas.


Iš tinginystės, nuolankumo, lėkšto poreikio konformuoti Sąjūdžio politikoje atsirado Susitaikymo principas – oficialus leidimas komunistams išversti skūrą ir pereiti į „laisvos Lietuvos“ pusę be jokių neigiamų pasekmių, be būtinybės išsižadėti savo seno mentaliteto (t.y. visiška liustracijos priešingybė). Kas vakar buvo raudoni, garbino tvarką, paremtą kriminaliniais nusikaltimais – šiandien tapo žali. Šitaip pats Sąjūdis tapo dvilypis- mažuma vis dar buvo tie bestuburiai idealistai, bet dauguma ilgainiui tapo išverstskūriai postkomunistai, kurie dėl savo ilgamečių patirčių ir plačių kontaktų tapo dominuojantys. Ekonomikos persiorientavimo iš planinės į kapitalistinę metu žmonės turėjo kuo greičiau išmokti gyventi laisvos rinkos sąlygomis. Laisvos rinkos kapitalizmas, nežinantis jokių žmogiškų vertybių, visų sluoksnių, amžiaus grupių ir profesijų lietuvius pavertė konkurentais kovoje dėl išlikimo, nors dar vakar jie visi kartu petys petin kovėsi dėl bendro tikslo. Konkurencija laisvos rinkos kapitalizme – pavydas, prielaida ligotam individualizmui išvešėti. Bet pati šlykščiausia yda – godumas. Ką tik susikūrusi silpna liberali demokratija sudarė puikias sąlygas įsitvirtinti mafijai. Iš sovietinės juodosios rinkos išlindo postkomunistų kontroliuojamas kapitalas, pradėjęs nesąžiningas privatizacijas, nešvarų lobizmą, valstybės aparato uzurpavimą.


Praėjus dvidešimt šešeriems metams po pirmosios Kovo 11-osios mes sakome – dabar kovoti turi mūsų karta! Jaunuomene, įstrigusi šio mafijinio politinio režimo mokyklose, universitetuose, gamyklose ir biuruose, rinkis savo ateitį! Ar ten mūsų laukia tas pats demokratinis režimas, parduodantis viską, kas mums brangu ir Rytų, ir Vakarų barbarams, vedantis prie lietuvių tautos ir kartu visos Europos demografinės katastrofos ir galutinio išnykimo? Nors kol kas mūsų nedaug, bet mes manome, kad liberalios demokratijos dienos suskaičiuotos! Tam, kad tą užtikrinti – turime veikti.
Mūsų doktriną galima vadinti labai įvairiai, priklauso nuo to, kas ją vertina. Fašizmas, futurizmas, nacionalsocializmas, rasizmas, islamofobija, homofobija, mizoginija, mizantropija, anarchija, radikalizmas ir fanatizmas – dėl visko esam kalti ir nesiruošiam neigti šių režimo bandymų mus marginalizuoti. Svarbu yra idealai, kuriais mes tikime, o ne burtažodžiai kuriais mes patys ar kiti mus vadina.

Oswald Mosley rašė: „[…]mes pereisime prie bendros suvienytos Europos idėjos, pastatytos ant tvirto teisingumo ir ekonominės tikrovės pagrindo. […] sukurdami Tautinę Europą pakankamai stiprią būti trečia jėga galinčia užtikrinti taiką, mes pasieksime ir rusų, ir amerikiečių jėgų pasitraukimo iš Europos. […] (Europos suvienijimas) nereiškia europiečių amerikanizacijos maišant jų kraują. Tautiniai parlamentai kiekvienoje Europos šalyje turės visišką valdžią socialinių ir kultūrinių reikalų sprendime. […] ekonomikos valdymas bus pagrįstas sindikalizmu […] kuris sukurs visuomenę daug tobulesnę nei amerikiečių, valdomą tarptautinių finansų, ar rusų, valdomą tironiškos biurokratijos.
Mūsų tikslas – Tautų Europa. Vienas kraujas, viena žemė, viena civilizacija.
Jei pritari – burkimės draugėn!