Interviu Atavistic Intelligentsia portalui apie Skydo estetika



Check out this video.

Glorious. I especially love the filter that they used. It screams #FutureFash and because of one thing above all else:


The symbology, the suggestive voice-over and the that sweet vaporwave Dust theme playing through the video captures the Aryan soul’s Faustian longing for infinite space…

I reached out to Skydas to pick their mind, and they agreed to answer some questions. Enjoy:

Your video shows you tagging, why did you decide to start doing street art?

You can’t ignore something you see everyday on your way to work or school. Whenever you see something symbolic written on a wall, you can’t help but to give it a thought or two, it enters and stays in your sub-conscious for some time. So that’s what we’re going for, to spread whatever message we have to spread, to make people think or move them emotionally.

It’s also great fun, who wouldn’t like roaming the streets with a buddy at night, drawing on walls? Of course there’s also the factor of advertising our group, reaching people through their emotions. Let’s not forget that doing street art is great footage to use, as you can see it’s our most popular video yet. We also take in to account the property that we draw on, we avoid doing any street art on buildings or sights of cultural importance or great value.

What does your symbol symbolize?

It’s a stylized version of one of our national symbols – the columns of Gediminas (Gediminaičių stulpai). I think it accurately represents one of the core beliefs of fascism and our group – The modernization of the old so that it would live on in times of globalization.

There is no certain belief what the symbol itself means, it might be an old depiction of a sacred altar, or a balto-slavic symbol used for trade.

It was used by one of our ruling dynasties, originally as a personal insignia of Gediminas.

What do you mean by A E S T H E T I C S?

Aesthetics are very important to every movement, we’re about quality, not quantity, thus we must present ourselves like decent people. We reject delving in to sub-culture and isolating ourselves from society.

Mind giving me a quick summary about what message you’re trying to get across?

We’re a youth group of fascists and national-socialists, we mustn’t talk about long term goals as it’s pointless in our current situation. So what we’re currently trying to do is bring up a new generation through attracting the youth and educating them, providing them with the redpill.

What do you think the future of Europe holds?

We can not be sure what the future holds, yet the direction Europe is going is evidently self-destructive. Immigrants and simple minded people are not the enemy, they are merely a tool, our true enemy are the white traitors who are responsible for the problems Europe faces today.

Do you see a reawakening in Europe coming soon or are things going to get much worse?

Things are gonna get worse as much as they need to, the system cannot sustain itself at this rate, the European people are gonna snap eventually. It has gotten so bad, that even science is censored and is considered taboo. You can judge yourself what fate Europe awaits. Matters usually get the worst right before the breaking point and they are getting worse and worse quite fast these days.

Aesthetics of the Resurgent Right is a really good topic, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.

It’s part of modernizing the old, so that it would be effective in fighting globalism, this includes most aspects of culture, including contemporary fads. Let’s face it, you can’t take someone seriously who has oily long hair, lots of piercings on their face, and just looks very abnormal in general. We are not aiming to attract such people, rather we’re aiming to attract more modern people who do not isolate themselves from society.

Thanks for the interview, Skydas. I abused that replay button. Keep up the good work.